“That was a good trick with the phones.” - Mick Turner

I’m playing bass in seagull currently and last night’s show was really a lot of fun - a beautiful venue with really lovely staff, and a really generous, attentive audience.

played some DX∑ in the middle of the last song - ‘Underground’. it worked really well! I felt annoyed that I had to stop playing it so I could attend to my responsibilities as bass player. next time I think I’ll angle to set it up next to the DX7 so Lauren can be custodian of both DX synthesisers, and we can sort of jam out a bit more, ie. the phones sounding together with the rhythm section.

Mess Esque were a pleasure to watch - really very high calibre of musicianship going on in this lineup. the album they’re touring is a gem - if you’re quick, they pressed some vinyl available here

really beautiful night! stoked to have been involved.